Welcome to The CB Diaries!

Welcome to the launch of my new blog.

I was inspired this chilly January evening to start a fresh new blog. I just came home from a fantastic 6 day winter getaway to Mexico with my hubbie, and after uploading and scrolling thru hundreds of beautiful photos that I snapped along the way, I realized that my love of photography, creative writing, travel, fashion, design and art just needed to be shared with the world (or just my closest family and friends) … whomever may happen to stumble upon my little blog.

I have always had a flair and knack for both writing and photography for as long as I can remember. Nothing feels better than looking back at wonderful memories from vacations and family holidays over the weeks and months and years. It truly makes one appreciate just how quickly time passes us by, and how crucial it is to enjoy every little moment. I know it sounds super cheesy, I do … but it’s oh so true!

I love to post inspirational photos, quotes, stories and funny pics on my Facebook and Instagram, but I decided to create this blog to have my own special place to document everything in greater detail. Plus, it’s excellent (and free!) creative therapy. There’s something about the start of a brand new year that has me feeling all nostalgic and full of warm fuzzies.

Sit down, relax and “carrie on” if you will …

~ Carrie aka The CB Diaries ~

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